TXR CH-1 Chiropractic X-ray with (17x17 Flat Panel DR Retrofit)

Ultra fast image acquisition allows you to examine up to 3 times more patients each day. This feature alone boosts efficiency and directly enhances the profitability of your practice.
System includes:

     Vivix-S 1717 Flat Panel DR Retrofit
  • Flat Panel Digital Detector 17x17 Image area
  • Full Feateure imaging software
  • Optimized image processing algorithms for each APR condition
  • Image Viewing tools and CD Burning

      TXR CH-1 Chiropractic X-ray System
        X-ray Generator: 32kW 400mA - 125kVp (APR Console)
  • Floor to Wall tube stand
  • Wall Stand
        Acquisition station features:
  • Intel Tower 2x 1 TB HD Raid 1, 4 GB memory
  • 22" LCD monitor
  • Medical Acquisition software
  • Dicom Software
Chiropractic X-Ray Equipment

Digital X-ray offer only high quality Digital  & Analogue Chiropractic X-ray Equipment, We can configure a digital or non digital to meet your needs.
We have the New Vivix-S DR Cassette size 14x17 DR Flat Panel and the Vivix-S 17x17 DR Retrofit.

Featuring the Vivix-S DR.. Upgrade to DR today!!!
Digital Chiropractic x-ray
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CHIRO DIGITAL RETROFIT SYSTEM  (Complete X-ray system with DR Retrofit)
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Viivix-S 1717 Flat Panel Retrofit System
Flat Panel Retrofit System (Fixed)
Vivix-S FXDR 1717 DR Flat Panel Detector (Fixed) DR Upgrades

Fixed 17x17 single or dual digital DR detector that can be retrofited in your existing equipment. With the Vivix System, moving to DR is fast and easy.
Retrofit Bucky systems included


17x17 (43x43cm) DR Upgrade

Retrofit stationary X-ray Systems
The AC1se Chiropractic X-ray can be configure to meet your budget. Our stream line solution and choice of generators will meet the need of your practice.
System includes:

      TXR CH-1 Chiropractic X-ray System
  • Floor to Wall tube stand 6' rails
  • WS Wall Stand 17"x17"
  • Certified Manual Colimator
  • 15' HV Cables

X-ray Generator Options:
  • SHF310AP High Frequency: 32kW 400mA - 125kVp (APR Console)
              Optional: 500mA SHF410AP

  • CR Systems
  • DR Flat Panel Upgrades
TXR CH-1  Complete Chiropractic X-ray
High Frequency X-ray Generator
TXR Chiropractic X-ray
Chiropractic X-ray
X-ray Generator
Chiropractic Digital upgrade System.
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