Dragon X Portable X-ray
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Portable X-ray Machines for Standard applications: Medical Radiographic, Private clinic, nursing homes, field clinics, etc.
We also offer to retrofit your existing portable x-ray machine or we can do the retrofit on your new portable.

Light weight Flat Panel DR Detector 14x17
Touchscreen configuration 12.1 screen

  • DRAGON-X RX Portable
  • DRAGON-X RX Retofited with ViVIX 1417 DR (Digital)
  • SourceRay SR-130
  • SourceRay SR-130 Retrofited with ViVIX 1417 DR (Digital)

The Dragon X is designed to carry the X-ray unit from door to door of patient room in clinics and hospitals and therefore, can be reduced patient positioning time and efforts.
Standard applications are: medical radiographic use in nursing homes, private homes, field clinics, correctional facilities, military field operations, intensive care units, emergency units, extremity orthopaedic or anywhere an x-ray machine must be brought to a patient.

High Frequency Technology

  • 40 - 115kVp
  • 5 - 100mA
  • 0.1 - 250mAs
  • Small in size, big in performance (4 kW).
  • High frequency inverter (300 kHz).
  • Automatic line voltage compensation (90-264 VAC) 50/60Hz
  • Automatic output power adaptation to power line conditions (line impedance).
  • Shorter exposure times than conventional X-ray units.
  • Dual focal spot provides superior image quality.
  • Easy to transport - friendly user.

Sedecal Dragon X
Portable Medical X-ray Equipment
Portable Medical X-ray
(DR) Digital                                              Medical Software

Portable X-ray Dragon-X Retrofited with ViVIX-S 1417 DR Flat Panel. System includes 14x17" Detector cassette size and Laptop PC

  • Portable X-ray Dragon-X
  • 4.0 kW HF Generator
  • mA: 5 to 100 and kVp 40 to 115
  • Power imput: 90-264 VAC 50/60Hz
  • Laptop PC
  • Flat Panel Detector 14x17 size with protector with handle
  • Remote support and training.
Dragon-X Portable X-ray
Sedecal Dragon-X

The model SR-130 provides high power, state of the art technology, system reliability, and low maintenance all in a small footprint, lightweight package.

Delivering the maximum mR/mAs, the SR-130 produces 3kW of power that provides hospital quality imaging performed anywhere, anytime a portable X-Ray System is transported to a patient.

The SR-130 is a 100kV/30mA, 3kW system that can reduce exposure times on difficult radiographic anatomical views, thereby minimizing patient motion problems and enhancing image quality.

High Frequency Technology

  • 40 - 100kVp
  • 30 mA
  • 0.1 - 200mAs
  • 115 VAC 50/60Hz
  • 230 VAC 50/60Hz (optional)

Sourceray SR-130
Portable X-ray SR-130
Sourceray Portable X-ray
Sourceray SR-130 / ViVIX 1417 DR
(DR) Digital                                              Medical Software

Poratble X-ray SR-130 retrofited with ViVIX DR 1417 Wireless Flat Panel Detector.

  • Portable X-ray SR-130
  • Generator 3.0kW
  • mA: 35 and kVp 40 to 100
  • Power imput: 115 - 50/60Hz
  • Medical Software and Laptop PC
  • Flat Panel detector wireless size: 14x17 same size as a 14x17 Cassette.

SourceRay SR-130 Equipo de RX
14x17 Flat Panel and Protector with Handle
14x17 Flat Panel and Protector with Handle
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